Bricks and Scones (Los Angeles, CA)


At the north end of the Larchmont Blvd shopping district sits Brick and Scones, a swank library-quiet wi-fi haven well known by locals. It’s the study you wish you had at home. But all of this is beside the point, because the point of being here is to eat Korean-style Chewy Sesame Rolls!

Why, hello there...

The dairy-free/gluten-free Sesame Roll ($2.50), served warm by request, is a ball of joy. Flakes fall as you rip through the skin, revealing a chewy inner-heart of mochi, black sesame, and air bubbles. Each Sesame Roll is unique as a geode, full of densely speckled flesh with a whisper of sugar. Continue reading


Artisanal Fromagerie and Bistro (New York, NY)

Yes, there are greater things than sliced bread!

After a scrimmage along the relationship front, my Beau made it up to me by allowing me to indulge in an almost painfully bougie unnecessary experience: The $25 Grilled Cheese!

[Ok, so it is actually $23.50, but with tax and tip it’s even more than $25… and $25 just sounds better!] Continue reading