This is why I know too much about pizza…

Serious Eats – Lemon-Lavender Doughnut at Donut Panic in San Diego 9/1/14

Serious Eats – A Guide to Tofu Types and What to Do With Them 6/4/14
Slice -Top This: Goat Cheese and Escarole Pizza (à la WildCraft) 4/9/14 Serious Eats – Los Angeles: 10 Great Vegetarian Options Under $10 2/24/14
Slice – Top This: Roasted Squash Pizza (à la The Backyard) 11/26/14 Serious Eats – Snapshots from ‘LA Loves Alex’s Lemonade’ 9/30/14
Slice – Top This: The Horatio (à la Delancey Pizzeria & Bar) 9/26/14 Slice – Top This: Arugula Salad Foldover (à la Simmzy’s) 9/4/14
Slice – Finding the Best Slice on Hollywood Boulevard 8/13/13 Slice – Los Angeles: Bestia Hits its Stride 7/16/13
Sugar Rush: Honey Lavender Scone at Little Flower Candy Co. 6/11/13 Slice -Top This: Eggplant Parmesan Pizza (à la Pitfire Artisan Pizza) 6/11/13
Serious Eats – The Plum Bistro Vegan Pop Up at No Vacancy 6/12/13 Slice -Top This: Brussels Pie (à la The Privateer Coal Fire Pizza) 6/12/13
Sugar Rush: The Donuttery, Huntington Beach, CA 5/29/13 Slice – Hit-or-Miss ‘NYC Style’ Slices at Clover Takeaway 5/21/13
Slice – Top This: The Village Deep Dish Pie (à la Union Pizza Company) 5/14/13 Slice – Top This: Spinaci e Pomodoro (à la LaRocco’s Pizzera) 4/23/13
Serious Eats – First Look: New Vegan Restaurant Crossroads in Los Angeles 4/22/13 Slice – Los Angeles: The New California Style at Olio Pizzeria & Café 4/10/13
Sugar Rush: My Delight Cupcakery, Ontario, CA 4/8/13 Slice – Los Angeles: ‘Spice It Up’ at The Pizza Studio 3/21/13
Slice – Top This: Hot Wing Pizza à la Tomato Pie Pizza Joint 3/12/13 Slice – Pizzeria il Fico, Los Angeles 2/26/13
Slice – Top This: The Salad Pizza (à la Grey Block Pizza) 2/13/13 Slice – Tre Truffle at The Urban Oven, Los Angeles – 2/6/13
Slice -The Pizza Press, Anaheim, CA
Slice – Los Angeles: The Deep Dish on the Mysterious Hollywood Pies 1/16/13
Slice – Cafe Angelino, Los Angeles
Slice – Top This: Bánh Mì (à la Mohawk Bend) 1/3/13
Slice – The Rivington at Delancey, Los Angeles 12/12/13 Slice – Top This: Rigatoni Pizza (à la Mulberry Street Pizzeria) 12/6/12
Slice – Fig and Arugula Pide at Momed, Los Angeles 11/27/12 Slice – Top This: Bloomsdale Spinach Pizza (à la Stella Rossa) 11/15/12
Slice – Roasted Tomatoes at The Churchill, Los Angeles 11/13/12 Slice – Ten Favorite Los Angeles Pizzas 11/6/12
Slice – Daily Slice: Chris Bianco at LA Loves Alex’s Lemonade 11/1/12 Slice – A Pizza My Mind: Fast Casual Pizza 10/26/12
Slice – Daily Slice: M Cafe De Chaya, Los Angeles 10/16/12 Slice – Top This: Squash with Lamb Bacon (à la Post and Beam) 10/11/12
Slice – Farm to Factory Tour of Bianco DiNapoli Tomatoes 10/4/12 Slice – Daily Slice: Tony Tutto Pizza, Mill Valley, CA 10/2/12
Slice – Daily Slice: Pizza Bread at Little Gourmet, Los Angeles 9/18/12 Serious Eats – College Tours: Where to Eat Near Pratt Institute 9/14/12
Serious Eats – College Tours: Where to Eat Near UCSD 9/13/12 Slice – Top This: Pollo (à la Trattoria Neapolis) 9/13/12
Slice – Daily Slice: Apollonia’s Pizzeria, Los Angeles 9/4/12 Slice- Daily Slice: Soleto Trattoria & Pizza Bar, Los Angeles 8/30/12
Slice- Daily Slice: Grey Block Pizza, Los Angeles 8/21/12 Serious Eats – First Look: Superba Snack Bar in Los Angeles 8/17/12
Slice -Daily Slice: King of New York Pizzeria, Los Angeles 8/8/12 Slice – Top This: Mashed Potatoes (à la URBN Coal Fired Pizza/Bar) 8/2/12
Slice – Daily Slice: Mulberry Street Pizzeria, Los Angeles 7/24/12 Slice- Daily Slice: Ode to CB at Lexington Social House 7/9/12
Slice- Daily Slice: Seitan Meats Jesus at Pizzanista, Los Angeles 7/6/12 Slice – Top This: Farmer’s Market Pizza (à la Cecconi’s) 7/5/12
Slice- Daily Slice: Moishe’s Village, Los Angeles 6/26/12 Slice – Daily Slice: SliceTruck, Los Angeles 6/12/12
Slice – Top This: Buenos Aires (à la Los Angeles Pizza Company) 6/7/12 Slice – Daily Slice: Fox Pizza Bus, Los Angeles 5/29/12
Serious Eats – A Sandwich A Day: The Sweet Potato at Simplethings 5/25/12 Slice – Daily Slice: Pizza Rosa at Palermo, Los Angeles 5/13/12
Slice- Top This: Dates and Blue Cheese (à la Street) 5/3/12 Slice – Daily Slice: Obikà, Century City Los Angeles 5/3/12
Slice – Daily Slice: Pitfire Pizza, Los Angeles 4/17/12 Slice – Top This: Olives and Grapes (à la Hostaria del Piccolo) 4/5/12
Slice – Daily Slice: The #7 at Pie-ology, Fullerton, CA 4/4/12 Slice – Daily Slice: Café Livre, Los Angeles 3/20/12
Slice – Daily Slice: Nagila Pizza, Los Angeles 3/5/12 Slice – Top This: Arugula and Prosciutto (à la Pizzanista) 3/1/12
Slice – Daily Slice: Folliero Pizza, Los Angeles 2/22/12 Slice- Daily Slice: Casa Bianca, Los Angeles 2/7/12
Slice – Top This: Cotechino and Cavolo Nero (à la Pizzeria Ortica) 1/25/12 Slice- Santa Monica, California: Milo and Olive 1/25/12
Slice – Top This: Confit Potato and Bottarga (à la Mezze) 1/12/12 Slice – Daily Slice: Drago Centro, Los Angeles 1/11/12
Slice- First Look: 800 Degrees Neapolitan Pizzeria, Los Angeles 1/3/12 Slice – Top This: Prosciutto Fried Egg (à la Reservoir) 12/15/11
Slice- Daily Slice: The Good Pizza, Los Angeles 12/13/11 Slice – Daily Slice: D.O.C.G. Enoteca, Las Vegas 11/30/11
Slice – Daily Slice: All’angolo, Los Angeles 11/15/11 Slice – Top This: Lemongrass Pizza (à la Pici) 11/10/11
Serious Eats – Los Angeles Loves Alex’s Lemonade 11/9/11 Slice – Giardino at Culina Four Seasons, Los Angeles 11/2/11
Slice – Daily Slice: Olio Pizzeria & Café, Los Angeles 10/19/11 Serious Eats – Breakfast Burger at L’Epicerie Market 10/18/11
Slice – Daily Slice: Xlixe, Los Angeles 10/4/11 Slice – Daily Slice: Regular Slice from Joe’s Pizza, Los Angeles 9/21/11
Slice – Top This: Pickled Jalapeños and Sausage from Osteria la Buca 9/15/11 Slice – Daily Slice: Pig Newton & Salad Daze from Mohawk Bend 9/7/11
Slice – Top This: Rocket Man from The Luggage Room, Pasadena 8/25/11 Slice – Daily Slice: Carciofi at Urbano Pizza Bar, Los Angeles 8/22/11
Slice – Daily Slice: La Campana at Pizzeria Il Fico, Los Angeles 8/8/11 Slice – Daily Slice: Zucchini and Goat Cheese at Akasha 7/29/11
Serious Eats – Galco’s Summer Pop Tasting 7/29/11 Slice – Summer Squash at Gjelina Take Away, Los Angeles 7/19/11
Slice – Top This: Pizza Bianca at Pizzeria Mozza, Los Angeles 7/14/11 Slice – Daily Slice: Regular Slice from LaRocco’s, Los Angeles 7/5/11
Slice – Top This: Momed’s Etli Pide 6/16/11 Slice – Top This: Pizza Antica’s Broccoli Rabe and Caciocavalo 6/2/11
Slice – Daily Slice: The Margherita at Di Carlo, Los Angeles 5/31/11 Slice – Daily Slice:  The Margherita at Sotto, Los Angeles  5/16/11
Slice – Daily Slice: Five Onion at Abbot’s 5/11/11 Slice – Top This: Thai Carrot Pizza from Thomas Hill Organics, 4/28/11
Serious Eats – 2011 Grilled Cheese Invitational in Los Angeles, 4/27/11 Slice – Daily Slice: Margherita at 31Ten Lounge, Los Angeles, 4/26/11
Slice – Daily Slice: Zucchini Pizza at Mother Dough, Los Angeles, 4/12/11 Slice – Margherita Pizza at Il Forno Pizzeria, Willemstad, Curaçao, 3/31/11
Slice- Top This:  Pumpkin Pizza from Pitfire Pizza Co, Los Angeles  3/25/11 Slice- Daily Slice: Corn and Balsamic Onions at Zelo, Los Angeles 3/22/11
Slice – White Pesto with Ricotta at Vito’s Pizza, Los Angeles  3/7/11 Slice – The Grandma at Tomato Pie Pizza Joint 2/28/11
Slice- The Cheese Board’s Mushroom and Arugula Berkeley  2/18/11 Slice- The Cheese Board Collective’s Lemon Vinaigrette Dressing  2/18/11

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