Ici (Berkeley, CA)

It's so not Halloween! I love this kid!

I love talking about ice cream in the winter… I live in California, so I can! I don’t remember when we, as a people, moved past the standard 31 flavors, but artisanal ice cream is now found in every nook of this country. I’m not a desert person in general—and I’m far removed from those girls who ease their pain with a nibble of dark chocolate or a pint of Häagen-Dazs—but every so often I stumble across an ice cream shop that seems to read my mine!

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The Vegetarian Option: Weddings

Getting into the spirit!

It’s wedding season… again! A menagerie of formal sit down dinners, buffets, and lowered expectation. Vegetarians often suffer through meals which the cook –I hesitate to say chef—probably didn’t even bother to taste. We all love our friends no matter the quality of the event, but I can’t help but hold those with outstanding vegetarian options above the others. As I ready for this year’s weddings, which will take me from LA to NYC to South America, here’s a look at the most notable meals from last year’s season:

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