Ici (Berkeley, CA)

It's so not Halloween! I love this kid!

I love talking about ice cream in the winter… I live in California, so I can! I don’t remember when we, as a people, moved past the standard 31 flavors, but artisanal ice cream is now found in every nook of this country. I’m not a desert person in general—and I’m far removed from those girls who ease their pain with a nibble of dark chocolate or a pint of Häagen-Dazs—but every so often I stumble across an ice cream shop that seems to read my mine!

It's usually way more crowded...

 This is Ici. A quaint white tiled ice cream counter with a line down the street. Their flavor combinations teeter on perfection—never too weird, but exactly what you didn’t even realize you wanted. The menu is a thrill to read! To name a few:

Earl Grey

Rose Vanilla

Chicory Walnut

Cardamom Candied Orange

Nutmeg Brandied Prune

Chartreuse Chocolate Chip

Coconut Chili Cashew

Peach-Habanero Sorbet

Saffron Almond

Honey Bay Leaf

Pistachio Sour Cherry

Persimmon Brandied Current

Burnt Caramel

Candied Meyer Lemon

But—if you’re lucky—they will have my ultimate favorite: Rosemary Pinenut Praline. Herby, nutty and with just enough praline to make your teeth stick for a second. If they could freeze heaven this is what it would taste like.

Heaven in a cup

2948 College Ave
Berkeley, CA 94705

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