Gravity Heights (San Diego, CA)

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Gravity Heights is a strange fellow. Atop the hilly landscape of Sorrento Valley—a wise move to capture the tech workers trapped by the 805’s unholy rush hour traffic—clear glass walls bath the space in light, while maple veneer and sky blue upholstery keep the interior on trend.

The latest project of Whiskenladle Hospitality, Chef Keith Voight (formerly of Prep Kitchen Del Mar which was formally a part of the Whisknladle brand) helms the only vegan-friendly menu of the group’s portfolio.

Perhaps vegan-friendly is too effusive a term for the two options, but when you’re the single vegan in a sea of omni co-workers, the little “v” on the menu becomes your good time enabler.

From the west coast of India to the best coast of America comes Bhel Puri ($10.75). Delicate puffs of rice—not unlike the healthy hippy cereals that filled many of our childhood bowls—come tossed with roasted peanuts, diced tomato, cubes of sweet mango, bites of red onion, quinoa, and a side of tamarind date chutney (the mint cilantro chutney is not vegan). It’s a fleeting dish, growing softer by the minute, that balances tastes and textures in a respectful (albeit very sweet) fusion.

The Sundried Tomato N’duja Pizza ($14.5) comes speckled in char. Spread with a thin tomato sauce spotted with thick nugs of umami in the form of sun dried tomato paste, wilted basil, red onion, and dollops of cashew ricotta.

“It’s my favorite… and I’m not even vegan” exclaims our waiter as he places it before us. Digging our toes into the wood chips below the purple picnic bench, a whiff of smoke from the distance oven falls over us as we raise the first slice to our lips.

Gravity Heights 
9920 Pacific Heights Blvd.
San Diego, CA 92121
Instagram: @gravityheights

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