Maggie Brown (Brooklyn, NY)

Tending the Bar

After a few unnoteworthy dinners at Maggie Brown I pretty much dismissed her as a viable food option, but at my friend’s insistence we met here for brunch. Although I had recently made the resolution that drinking with brunch is a waste of money (except in the case of an unlimited glass) the awkwardness of sitting at a bar and not ordering a drink prevailed.

Hot whiskey... I wish it were tea

The warm mug of Bette Sue’s Apple Cider (whiskey spiked cider) was a pleasant restitution for breaking my own rule, but I later regretted loosing that $7 for a feeling that could have easily been recreated with simple hot tea.


I struggled through the menu, already assured that I wanted the biscuits and raspberry butter, it seemed repetitive to order the Brie and Berry Pancakes even though I ached for them… but who am I to dismiss the namesake plate, so I ordered the Maggie Brown ($8). Steaming custardy eggs enveloping mild cheddar, milder horseradish, and finely slivered chives quivered with an understated tour de force. Glossy peaks of herbed potatoes chunks and the crisply dressed salad made a valiant support. While the additional $2 seems an engorged mark up for the tender hearted biscuit, it all seemed worth it when I found myself lapping at the little cup of whipped buttery raspberries.

Hand held breakfast

For straight up comfort food, the Breakfast Burrito (scrambled eggs, cheddar wrapped in a flour tortilla, with fresh salsa $8) is the classic option.

Like meat with yellow eyes

The enduring Beryl Evans (corned beef hash topped with two fried eggs with a homemade biscuit $9) is the top pick of my non-vegetarian friends.

Happy eatings

The service is always warm and generous with never an air of hast – which I say with complete honesty even though the waitress asked me to do so. A littering of diners throughout the space where clearly friends of the bartender Though I can only recommend the brunch – the unfocused dinner menu meanders into too many cooking genres, churning out lackluster version of each – a comfortable morning with Maggie is never a waste of time.

working on the ketchup
in the booth
party in the front

Maggie Brown

455 Myrtle Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11205
(718) 643-7001

One thought on “Maggie Brown (Brooklyn, NY)

  1. Drinking at brunch is a waste of money? Scandal! The secret is not to order any champagne cocktails. Even good restaurants will use André and conceal it with cheap OJ. Your choice of the cider was acceptable, but it’s best to follow brunch with 3-4 hours at the bar…just to let the feeling consume your entire day.

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